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What is Tech Prep Dual Credit?
Tech Prep Dual Credit is a program that allows high school students to receive community and technical college credit for some of their high school classes taught by CTE teachers. The program is supported by articulation agreements between districts and colleges that align the curricula of the high school classes with the college classes. In Pierce County, the program is facilitated by Pierce County Careers Connection, a partnership of the school districts and colleges in Pierce County.


What is Tech Prep?
Tech Prep was part of the Federal Perkins legislation. Tech Prep funds supported articulation agreements, professional development for high school and college educators, and the development of Programs of Study. Separate funding for Tech Prep was eliminated from the Federal budget in 2011. Tech Prep activities remain a required part of Perkins grants.


Does the elimination of Tech Prep funding mean Dual Credit is going away?
No.The school districts and colleges in Pierce County continue to support Dual Credit. The program will be offered in 2011-2012 without changes in the process and procedures from the previous year. Dual Credit may be eliminated or reduced in other regions in Washington State.


Will student fees for Dual Credit be re-implemented?
Students will not have to pay any fee for Dual Credit in 2011-2012. This year is a planning year when the structure and funding for Pierce County Careers Connection is being reviewed. Student fees may be considered, but it is not yet decided if they will be re-implemented in the future.


Can students transfer credit earned through Dual Credit to any college or university?
Tech Prep Dual Credit is intended as a program for students to earn college credit in professional/technical (non-academic) degree and certificate programs. By law, credit earned through Dual Credit must be accepted for transfer between equivalent Washington State professional/technical college programs.

Up to 15 credits may transfer to Washington State universities as general elective credits. Sometimes credits earned through Dual Credit may transfer and be applied to a student's major at a university but this depends on the transfer policy of the university.


Why isn’t Tech Prep Dual Credit available for academic credit?
High school CTE teachers have the same qualifications as college professional/technical instructors.  This fact, combined with articulation agreements, allow the colleges to recognize high school Dual Credit CTE classes as equivalent to college professional/technical courses.

Students may earn college academic credit through other dual credit programs, such as Running Start, College in the High School, and Advanced Placement.


Do teachers need to fill out a Teacher Verification Form every year for their classes to be eligible for Dual Credit?
Yes. This form is the only way Pierce County Careers Connection knows a teacher is offering a Dual Credit course. The form is also the legal document affirming that a teacher will adhere to the articulation agreement.


When and how do students register for Dual Credit?
Students must register for Dual Credit online through the statewide SERS system, at http://sers.techprepwa.org. Registration dates are from mid-December to the end of May.


What if students or teachers forget their registration and password for SERS?
There is a link on the SERS logon page for if user forgets their password. Their user name and password will be sent to their email.  If their email address is incorrect, they will need to contact the PC3 office to update their email in the system and request their password be reset.


How to post earned dual credits on a college transcript?
To post earned dual credits to Bates Technical College and/or Clover Park Technical College, e-mail PC3 Dual Credit Program Specialist at gelgar@pc3connect.org with the following information:

Legal name on identification card (first, middle, and last) • E-mail Address
• Phone number
• Birth Date
• School District
• Home High School
• SERS ID (optional)


To post earned dual credits to Pierce College, complete the following special instructions:
• Submit an Admissions application (http://www.pierce.ctc.edu/apply-admission (this criteria is essential for the Student Services department to create a student identification number to start the transcription process.)
   o After your college credits are posted on a transcript, you have the opportunity to transfer your college credits to another college/university, click here for more information http://www.pierce.ctc.edu/transcripts.
• To expedite request dual credit request, e-mail the ‘Dual Credit Request form’ located in the Forms section and an unofficial high school transcript to Jewelee Marple jmarple@pierce.ctc.edu and CC: Emily Webb at ewebb@pierce.ctc.edu.
• Otherwise, all paperwork can be mailed to the following address: